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Organizer/ Blogger/ Systems Strategist/ Planner/

Smiler to Strangers & Overall Get It Done-er

Welcome! My name is Bret. Yeap, just one "t".

I'm an ambitious, witty little lady from the south side of the Windy City. I'm driven, efficient, passionate and creative all wrapped up into ONE spicy package.

The second-largest leap of faith I've taken in my life (after joining the World's Finest Navy) was to pack up my Chevy Malibu and move everything I own to Atlanta, Ga. Don't worry, it sounds heavier than it was... I owned no furniture so I made it work. Moving was a TRUE door opener and I've been taking some B I G strides these past 8 years! Career, Car, Home and SOUL, life has been a blessing. Welcome to my site!

Nothing too complicated, just something to bundle up things Bretagné. 

What I Do

Warning, it's a lot!

You might not always see me but, you WILL see my work!

I prefer behind-the-scenes Project Management.

I admit I do a variety of things, but below are a few of the most common things people ask for my help with.​

  • Organizing and Systems Implementation

  • Professional Brand Positioning

  • Training Workshops

  • Public Speaking

  • Professional Development Training

  • Blogging

  • Community Outreach 



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Business & Lifestyle Bytes

Career and life tips from a Type - A college dropout who can't stay out of Target.

Ready to take a ride on the wild side? Well sorry, this is the wrong ride. I'm not a big risk taker and I have the stock portfolio profile to prove it.

This is the "wth is wrong with this chick?!" ride. So come read, take notes, and over-achieve with me. 

Inspire Others

The Power of Perspective Can Change Your Life!

Let me show you how!

In 2019 I launched my blog The Teal Perspective to help spread practical best practices to others. Now, in 2020 I have launched my #PublicSpeaking career dedicated to the same mission to help mentor & inspire others young and seasoned. In addition to leveraging the power of perspective to change your life,

I speak passionately on leveraging the Power of Perspective for:
- Overcoming Adversity

- The Brand of YOU (professional brand building)
- Making Good Decisions & Critical Thinking
- Setting & Achieving Goals
- Conflict Resolution
- Personal Protective Safety & Survivability Skills
- Workplace Professionalism/ Soft Skills​




Brand of Bret is an umbrella term for all things Bretagne. It's my projects like my blogs, social media, products, and even the inspiration and ideas I share. When you see Brand of Bret, aka something I've created, I want you to see authenticity, creativity, and usefulness, inspiration, and ideas.
We are what we put out into the world. So, I want to put out good vibes only, knowledge, and passion.

I want to continue to be a great Role Model, Mentor, and Positive Contributor to our society and this thing called Life. Journey with me. 

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Let's Continue The Conversation...

“I've spent the past five years building relationships and soaking up as much as I could about safety, community issues, underexposed adults and children to things like resources, important survivability skills, and professional & personal development.
I'm here because I want to help change that no matter how small or big.” - Miss Bret

From Chicago to Georgia, #BecauseCommunity advocates for three causes:

1. Positive Community-Police Relations

2. Community Safety & Survivability Strategies Education

3. Mentoring & Personal Development Education


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