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10 Reasons You Should Hire an Entrepreneur


A Different Perspective Not Often Considered

And by Entrepreneur, I’m not talking about a strugglepreneur, obtuse business owner, or professional business project abandoner. I’m referring to someone running a business that has taught them lessons, brought them value, and increased their visibility in a positive way. Capiche?


I’ve observed that employers can get a little turned off at the sight of a business owner in their applicant pool. When you aren’t a business owner, it’s hard to understand the reasoning behind it. But, looking past such a hidden gem can prove to be a potentially costly oversight.

There are a few variables to point out when you see an entrepreneur on the hunt for a job in the somewhat “traditional” sense:

1. It’s hard to tell if they are a small time side hustler (mad respect for my side hustlers.)


2. A moderately successful serialpreneur.


3. Anything in-between.

This is why the person skipping over these candidates needs to think outside the box and look at the big picture with respect to the hiring process.

My Point

Whether or not this person is massively successful, if their business has fizzled out or is still in “Strugglepreneur Phase 1”, there is no denying the person has desire and creativity. Just imagine what that can do to increase your company culture! This person comes with idea-developing habits that can be the fresh point of view you need.

These 10 skills are the reasons you should grant an interview.

#1: Their LEADERSHIP skills

According to this Brandon Hall study, only 18% of organizations say their leaders are “very effective” at meeting business goals. More money is spent on leadership development than any other area of corporate training.

- The confidence and ability required to get people to believe in what you offer are hard to master. As an entrepreneur, this is the skill that grows your business audience and creates a good buy-in.

As an employee, this is the person who serves as a catalyst to get employee teams behind the company vision.


- Business owners wear too many hats to be lazy. Long days, nights and weekends are typically the only way up, especially in the beginning.

This employee is not the type to call off, leave early or flake out on those big projects.


- Today’s market calls for some serious diversity and unique offerings for a business to be respected. Yes, some ideas just flow, but we often have to dig a bit deeper to differentiate ourselves.

This employee is going to help identify ways you can change, improve or expand your operations and offerings.


- It’s their fault if they fail. You can’t blame others when you are steering your own ship. They can often breakdown successes and failures to see what caused them.

This employee won’t pass the buck or point the blame if they are at fault. A KEY professional attribute in today’s workplace.

#5: They can PLAN and PIVOT as needed

- Planning is the baseline of EVERYTHING. But the ability to pivot when a concept is not going to plan is essential for a business to stay afloat and adapt to changes to continue moving forward.

This employee can help plan projects and monitor them, catching any concerns that might require either a change in pace or direction.


- …without having to jump through hoops or being “forced to decide.” Successful, assertive entrepreneurs do it regularly and with purpose.

This employee won’t need you to micromanage or babysit allowing you time to actually perform your own duties. You might even be able to go on a vacation and actually come back to a desk without a pile of work left for you upon your return. Happy dance.

#7: They know GOAL SETTING

According to Work It Daily 2017, 16% of respondents say they don’t plan out their career goals whatsoever. 26% said the biggest thing holding them back is lack of strategy and tactics.

- Coming from me, you might be surprised I didn’t write it first. But, it’s still a big deal. People with goals are thinking ahead and exhibiting purpose and intent. And EVERYone should have this, no matter who they are.

#8: They are FAST LEARNERS

- I’m speaking from a 2019, world-at-your-fingertips perspective. When you are building and learning the needs of entrepreneurship, what you DON’T know will smack you in the face loud and clear in the form of a standstill or WTH realization. However, with smartphones, Wi-Fi, free and paid workshops, and YouTube (God bless YouTube) you can learn. And for the sake of time, it can’t take you long to learn because, well, you are running a business. Learn through the gap and keep it moving.

These employees grasp concepts (that make sense of course) easily and don’t require you to keep repeating things.

#9: MARKETING & PR Savvy

- One of the biggest things I’ve had to learn is how to market and position my brand in media and to the public. A private introvert’s worst nightmare. Entrepreneurs are essentially their own brand Ambassadors. This is why I’ve dropped personal branding as a solo package and now focus on branding entrepreneurs since the two are so closely related in the small business world. The Savvy Solopreneur is a social media, website, networking guru.

This means an employee that can represent your company tactfully and confidently.

#10: Their CUSTOMER-CENTRIC Mindset

- Small biz owners can’t afford bad reviews, we are already fighting an uphill battle to make a name for ourselves and establish credibility. We communicate with our customers human-to-human if we truly value our relationships.

This employee is good at putting smiles on the faces of the end users and generates recurring business.


- Being a business owner doesn’t make someone a shoo-in.

- Being a business owner does not provide all of the answers.

- Hiring a business owner won’t completely eliminate problems just-because.

This is just a different perspective to consider when you see that someone with the title of owner, founder, CEO is interested in an opportunity. Entrepreneurs are conditioned to see the value in opportunities and this is just a way to see the value in bringing them on to your team.

Are you an entrepreneur?

What are some skills you’ve picked up while navigating the business world?

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