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Meet Miss Bret


Welcome to my small corner of the internet!

My name is Miss Bret Townsend, and I’m a Strategy Consultant (Brand, Small Business, and Process), Training Specialist, Public Speaker, and Writer. I am Chief Strategist and Creator of SavvyPro Freelance, Llc, a Strategic Consulting Firm. I consult and train entrepreneurs, career professionals, and organizations on efficiency and strategy. I have always been a stellar student, but I found early on that college wasn’t going to work out for my life at the time. So, I began my professional career at the early age of 19 and have been climbing successfully since then with my go-getter attitude.

In 2008 I joined the World’s FINEST Navy where I discovered and developed a new set of specialized skills that I’ve learned to enhance my potency in my civilian roles. I also discovered my training passion early on and latched on as quickly as possible to my leadership to learn the trade. I have since been teaching adults for the past 12 years in the Navy, as a Corporate Implementation Training Specialist and as a Savvy Business Owner. This is why I named my company Savvy Professional Freelance.

In 2012, I packed up everything I owned (not much) and moved to Atlanta, Ga for a chance at a better quality of life and has never looked back. It was a live-saving move and I have been thriving on sunshine, ideas, causing a little chaos, and being a catalyst for change.

Catch me at the nearest Community – Policing Meeting, Youth Mentoring Event, Senior Safety Event, or simply walking the local trails and enjoying beautiful nature. I am a MAJOR animal welfare enthusiast, especially dogs; because we just simply don’t deserve them. I’m also a huge fan of relaxing at home, blogging, creating, and spending quality times with the ones I cherish most.

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