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Welcome to My Project Portfolio Platform

Who I  Am

My Name is Bret Towsend

I'm an ambitious, witty little lady from the south side of the Windy City. I'm driven, efficient, passionate and creative all wrapped up into ONE spicy package.

The second-largest leap of faith I've taken in my life (after joining the World's Finest Navy) was to pack up my Chevy and move everything I own to Atlanta, GA. Moving was a TRUE door opener and I've been taking some B I G strides since then! Career, car, home, and SOUL, life has been a blessing!

Welcome to my site! Nothing too complicated, just something to bundle up things Bretagné.


I’m a multi-passionate worker-bee (pun intended), and I want to share my uniquely designed #ProjectPortfolioPlatform with you. So, start scrollin’ & start reading.


What I Do


You might not always see me but, you WILL see my work!

I prefer behind-the-scenes project management. I admit I do a variety of things, but below are a few of the most common things people ask for my help with.

  • Professional Development Training Workshops

  • Strategic Business Consulting

  • Organizing and Systems Implementation

  • Professional Brand Positioning (Public Figures)

  • Public Speaking

  • Content Creation

  • Community Outreach Education Training


How I Do It

Strategy Consultant 

SavvyPro Freelance, LLC. is a Strategy Consulting Firm for entrepreneurs, public figures, and organizations in need of efficient process implementation and brand strategy.

Savvy consulting techniques are structured to offer business operations efficiency and brand positioning through strategy planning, creativity, and follow-through. SPF’s borderless work model fosters a mobile business designed to work and collaborate from anywhere. We work as a team, consultant and client, to help you get the brand of your business established, developed, and implemented so that you can focus on your craft.

SavvyPro Specializes in Three Primary Pillars of Service:

  1. Small Business Consulting + Brand Development

  2. Special Projects Consulting + Strategy

  3. Professional Development Training + Resources

The Strategy Hub

Automated Strategic Solutions

Another nod to those of us who are constantly thinking, I have some tools designed to get you going ASAP. No need to call Bret. Some people wonder why I provide so many things that help you to help yourself without having to rely on someone like me staring at you for several hours a week telling you what to do. I want you to be self-sufficient. There is no gate-keeping here. If I know it, I’m going to share at least some of it with you. So, multi-passionate, newly passionate, unsure passionate go-getters, click the link below to get started now.

  • Planning + Goal-Setting Solutions

  • Small Business Solutions

  • Branding Solutions

  • Organizing Solutions

  • Professional Development Solutions

Training Specialist | Public Speaker

Mentor for Change


The #PowerofPerspective has changed my LYFE and I am determined to share this shining light of mine with others. I was in one of many tough situations once and in the midst of the storm I had an epiphany that changed the game on how I approach life’s challenges. So I speak on a variety of topics that come from my own lived experiences that I have successfully navigated through.  Told ya, I have a strategy for everything.

Click Here To Learn What Bret Is Talking About


With a unique and engaging training style, my approach is impactful, interactive, and assertive. This allows for the effective delivery of essential knowledge and concepts in diverse environments. Notably, I have extensive experience training diverse groups, ranging from individuals to large audiences.

IMG_3555 rsz.jpg


I've trained large groups, small groups, and individuals. True trainers have a unique skill set. Not everyone can train or keep an audience engaged, But I DO! My style is impactful, interactive, and assertive. I've found a way to deliver much-needed knowledge and concepts in a different environment, on my own terms and I am SO excited!

The topics range from personal development solutions for setting and achieving goals, various social media safety and best practices topics, to super (non) secret tactical strategies for information-gathering; best utilized for people who are in charge of a lot of people or large brands.

Because Community

Neighborhood Education Program

“Let’s continue the conversation…”

Training workshops and community conversations that help to bridge learning gaps or enhance professional development through curriculum design, facilitation, or an entire learning program.

From Chicago to Georgia, Because Community advocates for three causes.


Positive Community- Police Relations Education

Continuing Law Enforcement conversations from a civilian perspective.


Community Safety and Survivability Strategies Education

Continuing practical conversations on risk reduction strategies for home, personal, internet, and social media safety.


Mentoring and Personal Development Education

With a focus on being a positive role model for today’s youth, Bret sets the example of what success looks like.


The Note Master Notebook

Published Author 

I’m known to tell people to #GrabAPen. That means I’m about to drop some knowledge gems like a dealer. Well, I’m a Goal Dealer! True to form, I have designed a way for you to get started ASAP on crafting your master plan. You know the saying: Failing to plan is planning to… yeap, you know the rest. So let’s ensure your SUCCESS …

Learn more about my Goal Diggin' Notebook series available for direct purchase from Amazon.

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