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Hello there! I'm Bret Townsend. Welcome to my Because Community independent initiative.

DeKalb County has a new business owner, and she's a Small Biz Brand Consultant, Training Specialist, Mentor, and Get - It - Doner. 

Meet Miss Bret, Chicago's girl in Decatur.


If you are here, I may have slipped you a card on continuing the conversation. Or may have simply referred you here to talk Community Outreach Initiatives.

I'm SO glad you are here!



It's no secret that DeKalb County is under-serviced in a LOT of key areas. I've spent the past two years soaking up as much as I could about safety, community issues, underexposed adults and children to things like resources and important survivability skills like professional and personal development. I'm here because I want to help change that no matter how small or big.




I am not part of any foundation or organization, and I will not be starting my own.

I operate independently for flexibility and cross-collaboration capability. I DO partner and collaborate with various established organizations, groups thought leaders




I see myself as a vessel to connect people and ideas, people and change, and various like-minded organizations. I typically help as much as I can, however I can. That usually comes in the form of me teaching or sharing information. I help with administrative tasks and I'm always down for a good info session. I'm only one person, but I love to make things better and take the initiative to make a change. I'm very organized and strategic in how I provide my skills.

A few more helpful things about me:

  • There really is just one "t" in my first name.

  • I grew up on Chicago's South Side and have been living in Decatur for 2 years now.

  • I am a 10- Year Veteran of The World's FINEST Navy.

  • I CANNOT stay out of Target, it's an affliction.

  • We all have our passions, Animal Welfare is mine. And, I am a H U G E dog lover.

I've created a one-stop shop for my neighbors and people interested in adding layers of protection to their home safety toolbox. We talk about the toolbox in my Info Sessions and it's really all about having layers. Being a homeowner is a lot of responsibility and vigilance starts with US. We do our part as homeowners so that if we need to call for help, we can do so with a sufficient amount of information to help in times of need. Safety starts with US, not 911. Take a look at the Toolbox, get what you want. If you think I'm awesome, this is a wonderful way to show your appreciation. Small Business Support! Happy Shopping!

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