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Neighborhood Education Program

Being The Change

*DISCLAIMER* Although Because Community has worked with several Law Enforcement Agencies and members, it is not directly endorsed by any agency. We welcome the opportunity to work with any agency, organization, or person interested in continuing the conversation.

Because Community is proud to announce that it is a registered City of Chicago Vendor!

Let's Continue the Conversation...


I strongly believe that we have to be the change we wish to see in the world. I AM the change I wish to see in my communities. I began my Because Community initiative as a way of describing the initiatives that are all so dear to me.

I grew up on Chicago’s South Side and know what it’s like to have to overcome obstacles, challenges and deal with adversity. Through those experiences, I still had an amazing upbringing and some great examples to help me decide what type of human being I wanted to be. Adulthood has also taught me a lot as I strive for positive humanism.

As part of my mission to “be good”, Because Community is my own personal way of giving back and setting the example as a positive contributor of today’s society.

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From Chicago to Georgia, #BecauseCommunity advocates for three causes.

Through doing some research on various relationships between law enforcement agencies and my neighbors in several communities, I serve as a catalyst to bridge the gap.


Positive Community- Police Relations Education

Continuing Law Enforcement conversations from a civilian perspective. Getting rid of the stigma behind the badge.
Communities rely on police departments to "protect and serve" and the police, in turn, rely on community support and cooperation. However, the relationship is not always agreeable or engaging. 


Community Safety + Survivability Strategies Education

Continuing practical conversations on risk reduction strategies for home, personal, internet, and social media safety. Nobody wants to be a victim. Youth and Seasoned Citizens are especially vulnerable. Bret, serves as a servant of the community, bridging the gap through speaking presentations and information sharing.


Mentoring + Personal Development Education

With a focus on being a positive role model for today’s youth, Bret sets the example of what success looks like. When we show others the way and make them feel empowered, we can change lives. Let’s continue the conversation on making good decisions, setting and achieving goals, conflict resolution, safety, and positive self-image.

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Change Catalyst

How I Do It

I am not part of any foundation or organization, and I will not be starting my own. I operate independently for flexibility and cross-collaboration capability. I partner & collaborate with various established organizations, groups, and thought leaders.

I see myself as a vessel to connect people and ideas, people and change, and various like-minded organizations. I love to make things better and be a change catalyst.
Click the links below for pricing and training options, and to contact Bret.

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Neighborhood Education Program Courses

We can match the needs of your community. Custom workshops are available upon request.

Home Safety Information Brief

Social Media Safety & Best Practices

Home Safety Training Workshop

Digital Literacy for Seniors

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Bring in the Consultant

Specialized Consulting is Available

If the free stuff isn't quite enough for what you need, you can always #BringInTheConsultant. SavvyPro Freelance Llc. offers contracted project options to give you dedicated consulting for the #BusinessofYourBrand.

Although not advertised, I do offer specialized services for public figures and agency clients in need. 

 Service Options: 

  • Social Media Management Training

  • Public Relations Strategy Training

  • Digital Brand Management Training

  • Ghost Writing Services

  • Brand Audits

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